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YardsTech® Scales

Meet the most progressive way to weigh your livestock ...

FarmXL® is proud to introduce the YardsTech® Scales and YardsTech® App. A revolution in the way you record animal weights and data, and make real-time decisions in the yards.

Using your phone or tablet/iPad, or even your laptop, you can now easily capture weights, view animal history, weights and weight gain.

No longer are you tied to using complex and expensive indicators, that provide very little real-time and historical information about the animals you are handling.

YardsTech® Scales


The YardsTech® Scales can be connected to almost any livestock industry standard load bars.

The YardsTech® App contains a list of pre-defined load bars, but you can always calibrate the YardsTech® Scales to use the load bars you currently have on farm.

If you are using EID you can also connect your Bluetooth EID reader to the YardsTech® Scales and utilise the hassle free animal identification that EID provides.

The YardsTech® Scales use industry standard communications protocols, so can be integrated with all the leading livestock management software applications on the market.

The YardsTech® Scales can be configured to act as a WiFi hotspot (WiFi access point) which provides you with a WiFi network in the yards.

Other devices and apps can connect to the WiFi network created by the YardsTech® Scales and share data.

YardsTech® App

The YardsTech® App is the primary interface to the YardsTech® Scales.

From within the YardsTech® App you can configure any YardsTech® device currently connected to the same network as the App.

The YardsTech® App provides you with a data capture screen which allows you to easily capture and view data associated with a particular animal.

The information is clear and concise and allows you to make an informed decision about the animal in front of you.

Session data captured with the YardsTech® App can be viewed at any time. You can even view an individual animal with data consolidated from all available sessions.

The data captured by the App can be easily shared and exported for use by any third party application.

YardsTech® Scales, App and EID's


Grows with your business
  • The YardsTech® Scales and App are constantly being developed, with new features being added all the time.
  • To access these new features does NOT require you to purchase new equipment, as the device and app can easily be updated over the internet.
Make informed business decisions
  • The YardsTech® App provides you with the information you need to see, when you need to see it.
  • Whether you're in the yards or in the office, the YardsTech® App can aid you in making the best possible decisions for your business.
  • The YardsTech® Scales are designed to be used with a range of load bars, mobile devices (both Android and iOS) and other apps.
  • You'll never be locked in to something that doesn't suit the way you work.
Run time
  • The YardsTech® Scales are designed to have a runtime of up to 48 hours on a full charge.

YardsTech® App

Sheep in paddock

Manufactured in Australia

The YardsTech® Scales and the YardsTech® App are an Australian designed and manufactured product built for tough Australian conditions.

All product development and testing is conducted on farms throughout Australia, in consultation with farmers just like yourself.

FarmXL® is wholly Australian owned.

Purchase YardsTech® Scales

$899 + $40 P&H (GST inclusive)

If you would like to pay via bank transfer, please email Sales with your details and we will reply with an invoice attached.

Wholesale enquiries welcome. Please email Sales for more information.

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